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Epson Inkjet Prints

We use Epson Ultrachrome HD and HDX inks and we have a wide range of high quality printing papers.

We use high-quality acid-free phones for inkjet printing and Epson's own inks.

Our print paper's

We have a wide range of different paper brands.

Museo | Permajet | Epson | Hahnemühle


Portfolio rag 300gsm. | 100% cotton | white | matte | 111cm wide

Museo® Portfolio Rag ™ is a very smooth cotton-based printing paper. Paper is favoured by professional arts and a great choice for your photo exhibition or your portfolio imagery.

Museo Max 250GSM. | 100% cotton white | matte | 111cm wide

Museo® MAX ™ raises digital printing to a completely new level. Using advanced coating technology, the Museum Max generates visually overwhelming prints as black and white and colour images - you will notice the difference. The paper is cotton-based and slightly coarser than Museo® Portfolio Rag ™.

Silver rag 300gsm. | 100% cotton off-white | Semi-gloss | 111cm wide

Museo® Silver Rag ™ is a fiber-based printing paper that resembles traditional photo paper.


Smooth Gloss 280GSM. | White | Glossy | 111cm wide

Permajet Smooth Gloss is a thick 280gsm photo paper with a mirrorless glossy. The warm bottom plate of this print paper and the glossy outcome make it pleasing to a wide range of printing needs. The resin-coated paper is finished with an UV-protective coating, making it almost waterproof and faded.

Smooth Pearl 280GSM. | White | Semi-glossy / Beaded | 111cm wide

Permajet Smooth Pearl is a high quality thick (280gsm) semi-gloss / pearly-surface printing paper. In this many daily printing needs, there is a warm bottom plate and a beautiful glossy pearly surface structure. The resin-coated paper is finished with an UV-protective coating, making it almost waterproof and faded.


Photorag® 308GSM. | 100% cotton | white | matte | 111cm wide

Photo RAG® is a high quality print paper favored by photographers. Its fine and smooth surface makes it a versatile and ideal paper as black and white and color images.

Bamboo 290GSM. | 90% bamboo, 10% cotton | natural white | matte | 111cm wide

Bamboo is the first print paper in the market with bamboo fixtures as a base material. Bamboo is a fast renewable resource and represents environmental friendliness of natural resources. Bamboo printing paper is finely suitable for printing warm black and color images, emphasizing the sensitivity of the image.


Premium Gloss 250GSM. | White | Glossy | 111cm wide

With this high-quality photo paper, the print quality is really glossy and unique. This 250 GSM paper offers the best features and the longest durability of professional use. Ideal for paperback for your favorite photos and magnifications even though your photo album.

Premium Luster 260GSM. | White | Semi-glossy / beaded | 111cm wide

Premium Luster Photo Paper (260) creates a strong color saturation as well as the maximum color coverage and high D-max so that the result is a genuine-looking photo. Suitable for wedding, portrait and art images.

Enhanced Matte 192GSM. | White | matte | 111cm wide

Epson Enhanced Matte Paper is an ideal choice for photographers who need a thin mattress. This bright white paper is perfect for photos that do not require a satin surface. The color saturation of the images is excellent, and the details of light effects and shadows are repeated accurately.

DisplayTrans Backlight Media 210GSM. | White | matte | 111cm wide

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