Inglet INBLADE 210

Inglet INBLADE 210

  • Inglet INBLADE 210
  • Inglet INBLADE 210
  • Optio, Laser. Laakeroitu kisko.
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Inglet INBLADE 210

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The Inblade Vertical Cutter cuts all the rigid and semi-rigid materials used in today’s sign, frame and photo markets. The reliable linear bearing guide system combined with the robust structure guarantees an accurate and smooth cut of all the materials. The interchangeable cutting head system offers an easy-to-use solution to hold all the available cutting heads and it is ready to be used by new tools developed in the future.

Materials that Inblade cuts: acrylics / Plexiglas®, aluminum sheets, aluminum composites / Dibond®, MDF, glass, foamboard, PVC, cardboard, honeycomb / Re-board®, corrugated plastic, mountboard…

The Inblade Vertical Cutter is available in three cutting sizes: 165 cm (65”), 210 cm (82”) & 250 cm (98”) and it allows cutting the surprising maximum thickness of 20 mm.

• Cutting head for aluminium composites (up to 4 mm). Ref. 45 19 90.
• Cutting head for semi-rigid materials (up to 13 mm). Ref. 45 19 91.

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