Planatol BB kirjansitojan liima 1 L

Planatol BB kirjansitojan liima 1 L

Planatol BB kirjansitojan liima 1 L

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PLANATOL BB (1,05 kg) binder glue is a dispersion adhesive for the manual processing of printing, offset or illustration paper to brochures, catalogs, magazines etc. Cardboard can also be processed with the PLANATOL BB bookbinder glue. The glue can be diluted with up to 10% water, also for block gluing. PLANATOL BB bookbinder glue is universally applicable and is also suitable for mixing with starch glue. Bonding with plastics such as PVC is not possible!

  • stiff-elastic universal bookbinder dispersion adhesive for Offset or Illustration paper to bind books, catalogues or newspapers, also for cardboard and carton
  • viscosity: ~ 12.000 mPas
  • open time: long
  • colour: colourless, transparent (yellow, red, blue and black on request)
  • can be thinned with water (10%) for block gluing and mixed with starch glue
  • not for plastics (e.g. PVC)

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