Eve Arnold´s People

Eve Arnold´s People

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  • Eve Arnold´s People

Eve Arnold´s People

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HB, 176 pages
Thames & Hudson, 27/4/2009

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Eve Arnold, a Magnum photographer since 1951 and revered by her peers and the latest creative generation in equal measure, has photographed many of the great, the famous and the powerful, ranging from politicians and actors to musicians, writers and artists. This survey of an extraordinary career includes not only engaging and intriguing photographs of big stars, many of whom became close friends, but also of everyday people at work and at play around the world. Interleaved throughout the book are five in-depth Photo Stories showing the access and trust. Eve gained when covering subjects such as the plight of migrant workers in Long Island, on assignment with Malcolm X, and her landmark In China project. Brimming with images and contributions from friends, colleagues and luminaries, this book places Eve Arnold deservedly at the heart of the canon of photographic greats.

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