Jouko Leskelä - Vapaat Hetket-Snapshot

Jouko Leskelä - Vapaat Hetket-Snapshot

Jouko Leskelä - Vapaat Hetket-Snapshot

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Jouko Leskelä “ALERT ON THE STREET Street photography is at the end of the day free snapping. In the abundance of possibilities the street photographer focuses his attention selectively. My own goal is to show images, where similar or mismatched people or elements of manmade environment reoccur or juxtapose with each other. My street pictures are unarranged situations. I don’t ask anyone to repeat anything I saw for a photograph. The coordinates of street photography: Street photography means freely composed unarranged photography in public places. The subject is mainly people and coincidences between them. The street photographer mostly photographs people he doesn’t know. A street photographer doesn’t hide but neither does he usually introduce himself or ask for permission. Interesting street images entail small meaningful detail, which the viewer has to read from the picture. Street photography is observation of life with a positive spirit. 

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