David Seymour (Chim )

David Seymour (Chim )

  • David Seymour (Chim )
  • David Seymour (Chim )

David Seymour (Chim )

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HB, 128 pages
Phaidon Press, 01 edition (2005)

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An accessible monograph on the work of David Seymour (1911-56), the Polish-born American photojournalist, who used his camera to record the political upheavals and social change of the 1930s. Known by his pseudonym, Chim, Seymour was a practitioner of concerned photography and his images provide an eloquent testimony to the strength and vulnerability of humankind. He became known for his sensitive documentation of war and its devastating effects on its victims, especially children, and his documentation of the Spanish Civil War established him as one of history’s finest photojournalists

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