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Luova.fi produces high-quality photos, primes, frames,

laminates, and digital prints and makes ProSec primers. Luova.fi does

everything professionally, and the products are made with the best

possible quality in materials, image quality, and services.


forget to tell us what your thoughts are about the final product. We

will be happy to help make the end result look good, desired, and also in

accordance with the prevailing "standard."

The ordered work is implemented with the customer by filling out

an order with clear dimensions for the work.

To maximize quality and avoid errors, it is important to name files correctly:

The name of the picture should be put in the format: 001_30x40_first_name_surname
001 = image number, 30×40 = image print size, your name without capital letters
Send images only in JPG, TIF, or ZIP file formats.


the image size to the desired size before sending it to print

(same as in the image name). If it is not possible to
adjust the image size for some reason, remember to mention that the images are in a

different size than they are intended to be printed! We have to charge

for images printed in the wrong size unless the error is caused by

Luova.fi's error. However, don't increase the image's resolution

with Photoshop. Leave it to us.

Please note that the

primers have approx. 3mm cutting margin, which reduces the image size

unless it has been added to the image's print size.

If you

If you notice a manufacturing defect in our product, we will fix it and make a

new product for you free of charge. Please report the product when you

pick it up; we are not responsible for damage caused by transport and

storage. The shipped products must be unpacked and checked immediately

upon arrival. Transport damage must be reported immediately to the

transport company whose insurance is responsible for the damage.



Notes on the quality of the work when receiving it! Please check the product when you receive it. The prices given on the phone are non-binding.
We comply with the general delivery conditions of the graphic industry, excluding the specifications on this page

Ordered work must be picked up on the agreed date or within 14 days of completion.


Norm. 2-7 working days or by agreement.

We do not grant discounts for orders / jobs of less than two working days.

Finished work must be picked up within 14 days of completion.


Invoice only companies / associations / business names that have opened an account (requires a credit check)

cash / debit cards / all major credit cards.
bank transfer / advance payment to the account / cash on delivery
Payment period 7 days. net in business invoicing.
Billing surcharge €5.
Late payment interest 16% from the due date of the invoice.
Interest billing supplement €5.
Notice period for invoice 8 days


cases where the payment for the work (exhibition) is based on a grant,

it can be agreed that 50% of the work is paid upon receipt and, as

agreed, the remaining 50% by invoice at the end of the next full month.

Requires a separate agreement with Luova (+ €5 billing supplement).


Helsinki 20-60€.
Espoo/Vantaa 30-80€



price of the product includes the so-called basic packaging (tissue

paper, bubble wrap, and, if necessary, corner protectors).


delivered by Posti, Schenker, and Matkahuolto are charged according to

the operator's price list + 15%. Contains a protective so-called

disposable packaging (only with pick-up service).

Special packaging is charged according to the realized cost.

The wooden packaging boxes for the exhibition photos are charged according to the price list (reusable shipping boxes).


The test print is €10.00/piece and will be refunded if the final image is made. (test print = model slice from the picture)



order for us to achieve maximum quality and the end result the customer

wants, the customer's presence when placing the order is desirable.

However, I hope that the work will not be unreasonably long due to this.

We hope for understanding if you are "evicted" for coffee sometime?


Possible image processing for images €40.00/ 30 min



charge €40/30min for any additional work unrelated to the basic work.

For example, dismantling frames, re-framing, framing not in a frame

made by us, changing a finished work that deviates from the order,

etc. The price is always agreed upon when placing the order, if possible.



offer is valid for 30 days. The customer's approving answer must be

received by Luova.fi within the specified time. The schedule included in

the offer is not binding if in the time between issuing the request

for a quote and the customer's response, Luova.fi makes a contract for

work that was not considered when the offer was issued. If a

fixed period of time is set aside for production in a separate agreement

and the work is canceled, Luova.fi is entitled to charge 50% of the

price of the offer.


The customer assures

that the copyrighted material provided by the customer's work to

Luova.fi does not infringe the rights of a third party and is not

subject to any usage or other legal restrictions. The same applies to

all other intangible rights, such as trademarks, business names, or other

exclusive rights to intellectual and industrial rights.


customer is obliged to compensate directly based on this

agreement all the compensations and costs that Luova.fi has to pay due

to third-party claims.


All products are the

property of Luova.fi until they are fully paid for. The work may not be

resold until it has been paid for in full (unless separately


The tools, supplies, files, and other materials handed

over to Luova.fi by the customer for the work are the customer's property, which are handed back to the customer after the work is


The customer only gets the prints he paid for.


The customer is responsible for ensuring that the material handed over to Luova.fi is properly insured.



force majeure. A strike, lockout, fire, or other force majeure that is

independent of both Luova.fi and the subcontractor exempt from

complying with the agreed delivery time. Lack of labor or raw materials,

machinery or measures taken by the authorities, or similar unusual and

significant causes beyond Luova.fi's or the subcontractor's control,

which could not reasonably have been foreseen, also justify a reasonable

extension of the delivery time
If the above-mentioned event

technically or financially unreasonably complicates the execution of the

agreed work, the contractor is entitled to withdraw his offer or

terminate the contract in full or in the part that has not yet been

carried out. The customer does not have the right to claim damages due

to this.
Accordingly, the customer has the right to cancel the

contract if the delay caused by the above-mentioned obstacle causes him

unreasonable inconvenience or significant additional costs compared to

the value of the work. The contractor does not have the right to claim

damages due to this. The right to cancel applies only to the part of the

contract that is affected by force majeure. After the obstacle is

removed, the application of the contract will continue unchanged.

All prices above are on our website and our offers, including VAT of 24%.

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